the rebirth of the Soundbar

living statue
In just the blink of an eye Soundbar is back. 

a new way to get WILDE -video tour-

Wilde Roast Cafe's new location

Some people have had concerns about Wilde Roast Cafe's new location.  After we had a wonderful walking tour of the construction site, we're confidant the critics will be transformed into cheerleaders.  The new space is large (3x larger) and has a great open feel.  The view from the patio looks over the downtown skyline. (Not true of WRC's new neighbors, they get to stare at the electrical plant).  The park in front of the patio adds a level of charm (not that the crazy- Hennepin-Central-triangle-thing wasn't charming, but this is definitely better).

Romans become Frogs

The Bulldog empire has opened its newest venture, Bullfrog,  in the old Gladius space.  When I herd they were moving in,  I assumed they would gut the place, removing the infamous aqueduct.  Not so.

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