"A girl & her gay" Episode #1: Patio adventures

So a friend an I enjoyed a day drinking adventure this week.  The weather was beautiful and our mouths were thirsty for devil's juice.  We made a plan to enjoy a cocktail at a downtown rooftop patio. This is how our adventures went . . .

Saloon Block Party


The Saloon has released their full lineup for their Annual Pride Block Party!  Check it out.


Homo: u said

Not sure.. but apparently their target is Mpls, Seattle & Chicago...


another good question...

Story Here

Golden GRRRL'S Groupon


Click HERE for the Groupon for Golden GRRRLS this friday @ Epic (8p).  A general admission ticket is only $15. 

Click HERE for the event on facebook

Val Escher's view of Bitch Flowers


Photo by Val Escher

Photographer Val Escher has some awesome pics from April Showers brings Bitch Flowers. 

Naturally Straub: Q&A with Chrisopher Straub

Homo:Q & A

photography by Consolidated Photo

Fashion designer Chrisopher Straub (yes, from Project Runway) gave us a tour of one of his favorite places.  A secluded nature preserve near his studio.  It serves more than just an escape for this MPLS artist, this is his personal secret palette and garden for inspiration.

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