12 gayest things in 2012

2012 was an amazing year!

A great year for sports, concerts, politics and more!

Here is our annual list of the Great Gay things in 2012!

#12 Mayhem Rugby

Mr Mayhem @ Bolt Eagle photo by Tim Davis
Woof! What an awesome crew of guys.  Warm smiles, big hearts and that Scruff!

"The Minneapolis Mayhem Rugby Football Club is one of the nation’s few male rugby clubs that makes the sport accessible to traditionally underrepresented groups, including people of color and gay men." -Wikipedia

Tahi! Rua! Toru! Mayhem! Mayhem! Mayhem!

Being rough & tough yet warm & welcoming makes Minneapolis Mayhem Rugby one of the gayest things in 2012.

#11 MASKS: Photography Collection

MASKS photo by Coit Photography 

Everyone loves drinking, dancing and (lets be honest) watching the shower contest at the Saloon.  But what if the Saloon was going to host an art show?

Well they did, and it was gorgeous.   The Saloon welcomed Red Card Production's MASKS photography collection. MASKS explored the masks that people hide behind and the masks that control them.

And WHO KNEW that the same club we drink & dance at could transform to a beautiful art gallery.

We loved your art. (gonna go out and buy some masks for ourselves, don't ask why)

Click HERE to see the photos from the event

Powerful gay art makes MASKS one of the Gayest things in 2012

#10 My Scene City Vote No Cover

My Scene City 

My Scene City has had some amazing Gay covers in 2012 (oh HEEEEEEY Mr. February)

Our Favorite was their november 2012 cover, featuring owner/operators and adorable couple David & Cory.  This Vote NO themed issue was filled with personal stories from them and their staff of writes.

We admire how they put their hearts in their pages (and on the cover) as a personal testament for our community.

Great Job David & Cory!

Putting it all out there makes My Scene City's Vote NO cover one of the Gayest things in 2012.

#9  Lush's Pride Lights


LUSH went OVER THE TOP with their pride lights. (we know a dirty joke is hiding in there, but we're to classy to say it).

Giant walls of LED lights descending from the celling  and covering the back made for an amazing concert.

(we can only IMAGINE that electric bill)

Click HERE to see more photos

Lighting up the night made Lush's Pride Lights one of the gayest things in 2012.

#8 Wonder at Saloon

Wonder at the Saloon 
We fell down the rabbit hole at Wonder at the Saloon.  Every room in the Saloon was trasformed into a vision from Lewis Carroll's imagination. Sexy dancers, swinging butterflies and costumes everywhere!

Queen of Hearts indeed!

Click HERE to see our photos from the event.

Your amazing imagination made Wonder one of the Gayest things in 2012

#7 Senses:3

Senses:3 at LUSH photo by Tim Davis 

Back for its 3rd installment, Red Card Production's queer art collection was full of short films, graphic design, illustration, live performance, painting, mixology and LIVE body painting.  As tradition, each piece of art in SENSES:3 was inspired by Sight, sound, taste, touch or smell.  

Great Job to all the Artists in Senses:3  

Multimedia queer art makes Senses:3 one of the gayest things in 2012.

#6 Big Gay Pride Party - After Glow

Big Gay Pride Party photo by Richard Brantner
Nothing fills Epic like an joyous gathering of prideful gays.  "The Boys Present" continued their tradition of outrageous-over-the-top parties with The Big Gay Pride Party: After Glow.   The room was filled with bright decorations, neon tank tops (ok, those didn't stay on long) and areal acrobatics.

Great Job Boys, we can't wait for the next Big Gay Pride Party!

Click HERE for more of Richard Brantner's Photos from After Glow

#5 Dj Shannon Blowtorch

Dj Shannon Blowtorch   
Shannon Blowtorch is Queen of of the Queer Music Scene.  If you've ever been to BOMP, Soul Friday, Grown and Sexy, Berlin or Dirty Queer Show, you know why.  She is spinning EVERYWHERE, so you have no excuse for not checking her out.   When you see her,  DON'T request, just let her do her thing... you will be impressed.

Her ambition, style, and taste continue to shape our queer music scene and make her one of the gayest things in 2012.

#4 Gay World Series

Our town got a whole lot gayer when 4,000 Gay softball players descended for the NAGAAA World Series. There were block parties, beer busts, and concerts as far as the eye could see.

Oh, and I guess that whole softball thing too.   (that was a joke, no need to get grumpy)

Being good at hosting (HA) made the Gay World Series one of the gayest things in 2012.

#3 The Naked I: Wide Open

Over 50 Queer artists created 20% Theatre Company's  The Naked I: Wide Open in Spring 2012.  The Play consisted of monologues and shorts that were written by local GLBT community.

"Filled with fresh, sexy, humorous, gut-punching, and unbelievably honest and true stories by transgender/gender non-conforming individuals and allies, The Naked I: Wide Open explores gender identity far beyond the land of “male” and “female”."-via

The script is available on amazon.com, creating an intimate look at gender identity in the Twin Cities.  What an amazing collection of stories.

Creating a beautiful Queer time capsule makes The Naked I: Wide Open one of the gayest things in 2012.

#2 Pride 2012

What an awesome Celebration this year!  The park, parade and all the events looked and were great.  Running one of our countries largest pride celebrations can't be easy but the Pride Board continues to raise the bar every year!  Great Job!

Kelly Rowland!

They booked Kelly Rowland for the concert.

Helping us all feel proud is what makes TC Pride one of the gayest things in 2012.

#1 MN United

Minnesotans United for All Families made HISTORY by leading MN to be the 1st state to ever vote down a constitutional amendment to define marriage as only between a dude and a chick.

All the hard work payed off!

Thanks to all the volunteers & workers who fought for equality for our community!!

Changing hearts and minds makes MN United the Gayest thing in 2012

Congratulations to everyone!  2012 was gay, but we bet 2013 can be even GAYER!

Keep up the great work everyone!

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