Happy National Coming OUT Day!

photo by Terry Richardson

Put on your gayest outfit (no, not that one, the other one) and celebrate National Coming Out Day!

"NCOD was founded in 1988 by Robert Eichberg, a psychologist from New Mexico and Jean O'Leary, an openly-gay political leader from Los Angeles, on behalf of the personal growth workshop The Experience and National Gay Rights Advocates.[3][4] The date of October 11 was chosen because it was the anniversary of the 1987 National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights.[5]
The first headquarters was located in the West Hollywood, California offices of the National Gay Rights Advocates. 18 states participated in the first NCOD, which was covered in the national media. In its second year, the headquarters moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico and participation grew to 21 states. After a media push in 1990, NCOD was observed in all 50 states and seven other countries. Participation continued to grow and in 1990 NCOD merged their efforts with the Human Rights Campaign Fund." via Wikipedia

Click HERE to see more art from Terry Richardson

covers to come out to

In honor of National Coming out Day, we found some of our favorite "coming out songs."  As a twist, we thought we'd post some fun covers of Katy Perry's "Fireworks,"  Ke$sha's "we r who we r," Pink's "Raise your glass,"  Gaga's "Born this way" & Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive."

Alejandro, Fabian, and Daniel Manzano aka Boyce Avenue

the kover boys (although a twink & an otter should have come up with a better name for their duo)

Alex Rabina 
click HERE to download his version for free 

Maria Aragon, you are too sweet

Sacha Page, never thought I would hear this song this way. Love it!

Happy National Coming out day!

Karl Rove gets glitter bombed - “Feel the rainbow!”

image via advocate.com

Karl Rove & Erik Paulson,  two people who seriously don't understand equality, both got a face-full-of-glitter here in MN.  The conference was called the Minnesota Faith and Freedom Coalition.  (freedom? how about the freedom for us to marry....)

"The first glitter assault occurred as congressman Erik Paulsen was presented with a “Friend of the Family” award for his efforts to legalize antigay values. “You’re no friend to my family!” Michael Cahill said, as he unleashed the colorful dust.  Later, Bush staffer Karl Rove was doused at a book signing by Ben Egerman, who shouted “Feel the rainbow!” as he showered the former Deputy Chief of Staff with glitter." - Winston Gieseke, advocate

Click HERE to watch Paulson get a face full of glitter

Click HERE to see Rove get it

PS who thinks "you're no friend to my family" would look great on a protest poster

PSS, I can't wait for social conservatives to have their security do "glitter checks" on guests before speaking.  (What would Egerman & Cahill say?  "we're just totally into crafting")
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