Romans become Frogs

The Bulldog empire has opened its newest venture, Bullfrog,  in the old Gladius space.  When I herd they were moving in,  I assumed they would gut the place, removing the infamous aqueduct.  Not so.

"The space (near Eli's) is about half the size of the Bulldog Lowertown. Lokowich plans to keep some of Gladius' design elements, including the black granite-top bar and the Roman-style arches that extend over the booths. But for the most part, Lokowich will stamp out Gladius' sleekness and replace it with a rustic, amber-hued ambiance. He'll cover the walls in wood, hang old light fixtures and add more windows." - Tom Horgen, Strib

Its amazing what a few windows can do.  The space feels huge and the bar looks great. Gladius fans will immediately recognize the additions. The Tap list is full of pilsners and lagers, which might throw off some drinkers. (Not us, give um a try).  The same is true of the Cajun menu.  The deep fried pickles were good, the alligator, not so much. (a tad too chewy for us).  But I would eat an entire alligator (Bullfrog serves just the tail, shaped like chicken nuggets) if it ment I could have another helping of their Crab Cake burgers.

In my experience, the Bulldogs have always been good with the gays.  So leap on over and check them out. (Ok, I know, bad joke)


PS,  "Minneapolis Bullfrog" on urban dictionary. (NSFW)
Yup, had no idea that was a thing.

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