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Unicorn boys winning Miss TCGSL


"no homo promo"

Upsetting to watch, but important for us to know about.

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Bats & Balls @ Bolt Underground

"Bats & Balls"  Hosted by Jake Bowers
Next summer, our humble streets will be filled with sexy-out-of-town-studs for the Gay Word Series.

Help Kick off the fundraising for this epic event this Saturday from 7p to 10p in  the Bolt Underground.

Saturday, July 30th
$20 (includes beer bust)
7p to 10p
Bolt Underground
Proceeds go to support the Gay World Series and The "It Gets Better" project.


If I ask, by Sarah Cotner


Lovely-local-singing-lady Sarah Cotner just posted a brand new song "if I ask."   Take a listen after the jump.

12 new reasons to love St. Paul


We here at HOMOapolis are ripping everything off our walls (Ok... the lesbians arn't in such a tizzy , but they're being quite supportive) to make room for the 2012 St Paul Firefighters Calendar.    

Oh Don


If you didn't know, Rocky Horror is coming to life this fall at the Lab Stage.  It features amazing local talent including Don Shelby as the Narrator.  

Can't wait to see Don Shelby Dance!

The show opens in mid September,

you can buy your tickets  HERE

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Slave 4u by Spearz (local all male brit brit cover band)


Check out local brit brit cover band Spearz's new music video for I'm a Slave 4u.

The track was produced by Neil Zumwalde of New Tectonics Media. 

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a drink to cool you down part2

Basil Lillet (Gin, Lillet Blanc, fresh Basil & tonic) @ Barbette

When it gets hot and gross out, some people lock themselves in their home with the AC set to deep freeze, others hit the town to find a refreshing adult beverage... (guess which one we did)

We visited Barbette and had their perfect summer cocktail, the Basil Lillet.


Miss TCGSL photos


Congrats to the Unicorns for winning Miss TCGSL.   All the participants did a great job this year!


Aquatennial Fireworks by Consolidated Photo


Photo by Consolidated Photo's Tim Davis

Check out Consolidated Photo's Pic from The Aquatennial Fireworks.

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"get off my dress" photos


Take a look at our photos from the lovely Krystal Kleer's new off- Broadway show "get off my dress" at Bryant-Lake Bowl.  

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is it art or is it porn? (Part 1) an interview with Marlen Boro of Male Boudoir

HOMO: Interview

Part 1 of our interview with one of Mpls's premiere Intimate Male Photographers Marlen Boro of Male Boudoir


Hunt for Miss TCGSL


Is that a baseball bat in your dress, or are you happy to see me?  Oh... its a bat... ok

Quinn Danger by Male Boudior


Quinn Danger by Male Boudior
Another photograph by the incredible Marlen Boro.

Art fans, make sure you visit the blog on Friday for Part 1 of our interview with Marlen Boro of Male Boudior.  (He was so fun and fascinating, we could write an entire encyclopedia from one short interview!!) 


Shameless Plug


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Pics from Dixie Longate @ Camp


"I believe very strongly in marriage equality"

"I believe very strongly in marriage equality" Senator Al Franken  -Via

After seeing him in countless Twin City Pride Parades, its no surprise Senator Al Franken  gave an amazing interview to the Advocate.  Click HERE to ready it.  (Yes, he talks about both Bachmann & Elizabeth Taylor...who knew they would both come up in the same interview)

a drink to cool you down part1


Naked Knees (Stoli Peach Vodka and Moscato D’Asti) @ Kinsen 

It is hooooooooot out. In an effort to help you cool down, we here at HOMOapolis did two things.

First, we sacrificed four virgins to appease the heat spirits (boy were those hard to find.)

Second, we ran arround town looking for the most refreshing drinks we could find.
First up, the brand new Kinsen in uptown.


Joey Soto, by Male Boudoir


 Joey Soto, by Male Boudoir 

We're almost finished writing our article on local photographer Marlen Boro. (He was such a treat to interview.)  As we make our final edits, take a look at this new image from his site Male Boudoir.   

get excited...

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A huge thank you to everyone for your support.

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Barbette's Bastille Day 2011


Barbette's Annual Bastille Day Block Party is this Sunday. Full lineup after the Jump 
The event is free and runs from 2p to 10p


The Bachmanns, focused on marriage...like a lazer


The people over at The Second City "found" this great campaign footage from Michele Bachmann.

To funny not to share with you.  (but we wish they filmed it from Bachmann's offices in B.ville)

Ms Shiek's Leaving Mpls (boooo)


The Twin Cities will definitely miss the sensational DJ SHIEK. She is leaving us  (unless we kidnap her and lock her in our basement...too dark?) for sunny Cali.  Helping her celebrate with style is DJ RICH B and Sean Ensin.

We're sad she is leaving and wish her the best.

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Michele Bachmann's Family Business... YES they did sneak in a camera

Over in our lovely suburbs (Burnsville & Lake Elmo) we have some cool restaurants (Porter Creek, Chianti Grill, and Mediterranean Cruise Cafe) a decent sized mall (Burnsville Center) and a large cultural center (Burnsville Performing Arts Center).  B.vill and La-elmo are also home to Bachmann & Associates, a religious counseling center, (not to be confused with the gorgeous garden centers).  YUP, we're talking about the Dr Marcus Bachmann, husband of tea loving  presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann.

Gay rights group Truth Wins Out brought a camera in for a "therapy session." (remember she isn't a fan of us gays.)   See the story on ABC's Nightline after the Jump.


awesome kid

big blue light


Consolidated Photo's Tim Davis was out storm chasing last night and posted this awesome image on his Facebook page.

It is a cool image... but we have no clue what that alien light is (perhaps we can blame it for the humidity)

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Ben Thomson's film "Taste" from Senses:2 at Lush


Check out Ben Thomson's film Taste!   His film was part of the Senses:2 multimedia art collection at Lush.  The Senses:2 collection was filled with  film, photography, graphic design, mixology & live performances, all inspired by sight, sound, taste, touch or smell.  (get it Senses) 

Taste from Rapid Water Media on Vimeo.
An experimental film directed by Ben Thompson for the Senses 2 exhibition in Minneapolis.

Click HERE to see the photos from the event

Click HERE to learn more about Ben

outdoorsy eh?


A Drag Queen that has sold over $1 million in Tupperware ?!?!


Dixie Longate has packed her carry on full of Tupperware (wouldn't you) and is bringing her hit show back to Camp.  Her show is part stand up, part improve, and ...part sales pitch (you can actually buy the Tupperware from her after the show).  You will never believe the (lets just say unique) ideas she has for her "alternative" uses for her Tupperware.


"It Gets Better" by Cazwell

this fall's hottest accessory


In some fashion circles, this fall's hottest accessory is going to be a great protest sign.  Watch a great video of some amazing pro-gay signs after the jump.  Your're all a clever bunch, I bet you can come up with some good signs yourself.   


north they go

video HERE

We knew in January of Target's dreams for a slice of the maple-flavored Canadian pie. We're slowly learning how big that piece will be.  Click HERE for biz journal article

Celebrity Autobiography comming to Loring Theater


Friday, July 15th
7:30 & 9:30
$27 balcony seats
$32 floor seats
click HERE to buy tickets

Featuring Michael Urie, Illeana Douglas, Eugene Pack, Dayle Reyfel, Tim Bagley, George Keller & Courtney McLean

And they say
"As seen on Bravo TV, audiences will enjoy a night of non-stop laughter as they experience a variety of jaw-dropping vignettes inspired and torn straight from the pages of the most unforgettable celebrity tell-alls; from the “he-said, she-said” accounts of Burt and Loni... how Tiger Woods strokes his putter... Mr. T’s acting tips... the Britney Spears Diary... Justin Bieber’s backstage confessions... the re-enactment of Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson’s courtship, to the most famous love triangle in Hollywood history- Elizabeth Taylor, Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher." via 

The Basilica Isn't going to like that....


The controversy around the Basilica Block Party gets even more interesting as one of the concerts performers, Michael Franti, speaks out in support of Gay Equality.

"To this end, we have committed to donating 10% of our show fee towards an organization that works to support marriage equality in Minnesota." - Michael Franti

WOAH!  What a cool guy.

Did u Seek Amy In St Paul?


Ryan Coit's view from the front row
Did u Seek Amy In St Paul? Was she a toxic overprotected womanizer? And if she was, would you hold it against her?

Here are some pics & video from Brit Brit's Femme Fatal Tour, which the Star Tribune HATED but Rolling Stone LOVED.


get your gay on at the 2011 Fringe Festival


I Love You (We're F*#cked)

186 shows on 18 different stages make up the 2011 Fringe Festival. Never herd of the Fringe Festival (really!)? It is a Twin Cities celebration of underground theater.  

and they say,
"Minnesota Fringe is an annual performing arts festival in Minneapolis-St. Paul. For eleven days, over a thousand artists present works in every discipline and genre. No one selects the participating shows. Instead, a lottery determines which of nearly 400 applicants win production slots in the festival."

Here is a quick look at 3 of the Gay-themed shows for the 2011 Fringe  Festival.


"it gets better" senate style

" ... I hope my son didn't die for human beings, for Americans, for Minnesotans who would deny him civil rights."


 In February, Andrew Wilfahrt was killed in Afghanistan, making him the 66th Minnesotan killed in Afghanistan and is believed to be the first gay U.S. soldier to die in battle since President Obama signed the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell."


Straub Undies, now online


If you saw him at his pride booth, you already got a chance to see Christopher Straub's new underwear collection.   If you didn't, you can now order his new underwear online.

They are $15 each and come in twink size(26in) all the way to bear size (42in)

wood @ Camp


According to Camp Bar's facebook page,  Sex-on-a-Stick (aka Harley Wood) will be performing live every Thursday from 8 to 11 for the rest of the summer. 

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