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big blue light


Consolidated Photo's Tim Davis was out storm chasing last night and posted this awesome image on his Facebook page.

It is a cool image... but we have no clue what that alien light is (perhaps we can blame it for the humidity)

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Ben Thomson's film "Taste" from Senses:2 at Lush


Check out Ben Thomson's film Taste!   His film was part of the Senses:2 multimedia art collection at Lush.  The Senses:2 collection was filled with  film, photography, graphic design, mixology & live performances, all inspired by sight, sound, taste, touch or smell.  (get it Senses) 

Taste from Rapid Water Media on Vimeo.
An experimental film directed by Ben Thompson for the Senses 2 exhibition in Minneapolis.

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outdoorsy eh?


A Drag Queen that has sold over $1 million in Tupperware ?!?!


Dixie Longate has packed her carry on full of Tupperware (wouldn't you) and is bringing her hit show back to Camp.  Her show is part stand up, part improve, and ...part sales pitch (you can actually buy the Tupperware from her after the show).  You will never believe the (lets just say unique) ideas she has for her "alternative" uses for her Tupperware.

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