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Hopefully by now you've seen this trailer floating around.

What you might not know, is that this documentary isn't finished yet.
Filmmaker Ryan James Yezak is currently fundraising for the film.

Ryan James Yezak
"The idea for this documentary was born when I first learned that California's Proposition 8 had passed, defining marriage only between a man & woman in that state. I was angry & I wanted to do something about it. As time went by, I learned more & more about the inequalities that exist for gays, lesbians, & bisexuals in this country. I made a friend on YouTube who revealed to me that he would be expelled from his school if they found out he was gay. I did not believe him - in what kind of reality could something like that be true? It is true. Shortly after that, a string of natural disasters occurred & my boss asked me if I wanted to donate blood with her. I immediately got up to go with her & then stopped abruptly realizing that I couldn't donate blood. She did not believe me, nor did she understand why. I felt like a different species. I did not feel one with the human race in that moment. That was the moment it had a direct effect on me & my rights - that is when I decided to make this documentary." - Ryan James Yezak via Kickstarter

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