Republicans Against the Minnesota Marriage Amendment

Do consertive politics turn you on?  As a man, does Mitt Romney make you want to spend  long nights discussing the tax code by a fire, just the two of you, in a rustic log cabin?   If your a lady, does the thought of Sarah Palin (ok, to be honest, we had a really good palin-hunting-joke...  but we can't remember it... so make up your own and pretend we wrote it)

Well than the "Republicans Against the Minnesota Marriage Amendment" is the group for you.

They have a well written statement that I think  everyone should read.

Even if the thought  of trickle down economics doesn't oil your gears,  check them out.  You can quote them when your talking to your dumb uncle who thinks dude-on-dude weddings are evil. 

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"An amendment purporting to protect marriage will not protect actual marriages. It will not do anything to promote or enhance existing marriages. At the same time, it piles on barrier after barrier to the legal protection of a few Minnesota families. It sends a message of division and exclusion, telling some Minnesota families that they are worthless in the eyes of the state." - f.book

Psycho Dogs


pic from f.book

Psycho Suzi's Motor Lounge now offers puppy chow (the dog food kind, not the stuff aunt sally brings to thanksgiving) on their epic patio.

Cool idea!
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