On the Phone with Cazwell


Waiting for a call from Cazwell is a lot like waiting in line at the Ice cream truck.  He is an artist with many different flavors on his menu. He is a fowl mouthed rapper, a cutting edge Dj, poetic advocate, and Tv show host.  As it became time to order, I still wasn't sure which flavor I would get. 

When the phone rang, and his number showed up on my caller ID, I froze for a moment. Skimming over my notes, I wasn't sure which question to ask first.  While my natural instinct was to scream "I love your Ice cream truck video,"  I decided to answer my phone with a more tasteful "hello."

Art preview at Aloft Hotel


The fabulous Aloft Minneapolis is hosting a Sneak peek of one of this summers most talked about art collections Senses:2.

Monday, 8p to 10p

The event is Free with complimentary appetizers

Click HERE to rsvp on Facebook

Gov Dayton relocates Lush event, Moves to Wondrous

The Minnesotans United for All Families event  on has moved.

The event will no longer be at LUSH and has moved to Thom Pham's Wondrous Asian Kitchen 

Click HERE to rsvp on Facebook 

Monday, June 13  6p-8p 
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