Grindr for Striaght Dudes

Didn't know that "bros" needed this... But they now have a location-based-straight-male-networking-tool.

While your on scruff & grinde, you can tell your dude friends to download the Bromance App.


i got your crazy

Check out the local all Male Britney Spears cover band SPEARZ's teaser pic for their new music video Womanizer.  Their first video "Slave 4 u" already has over 20,000 hits and went to #1 on Youtube in Vietnam. 

Hillary Clinton's Epic Speech

"I am talking about gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people, human beings born free and given bestowed equality and dignity, who have a right to claim that, which is now one of the remaining human rights challenges of our time."-SECRETARY CLINTON via

Sinful Sunday Beer Bust @ LUSH


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Green Hair L'Assassins

L'Assassins styled by Soraya Hatfield of Pin-Up Styling

Behind the scene photo of the  L'Assassins on the set of their new music video.  Punk Music never looked so fabulous.  

Plan it out

Quorum, Erin Schwab, Ballet of the Dolls & Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus All have special events this weekend. Check out our HOMO:Calendar to learn more (click HERE)

For our Bartenders

This post is dedicated to all the bartenders & servers out  in the land of Homoapolis (and beyond).  Thank you for taking care of us

When most people think of Craigslist, we don't think of using it as an etiquette guide...

A newly viral post from the "best of" Craigslist isn't a missed connection or an amazing deal on a "gently-used" desk... it is an explanation of how to act at a bar...from a bartender.   

"Wilde" new Specials at Wilde Roast Cafe

Wilde Roast Cafe will be heating up this winter with their new Monday & Wednesday specials.

First up,

Monday is Burger Night: You can grab a chicken, beef, veggie or turkey burger for $5.  A high quality burger for cheaper than a fast food combo meal.  This special starts at 6:30pm and runs till close. 

Wednesday is Dollar Draft Beer Wednesdays:  Purchase an entree and you can get a Tap beer for just a buck.  This offer starts at 6:30pm and runs till close.

As always, check with the cafe to learn the details of the specials.

We're trying to imagine a sassy quote that Oscar Wilde might say about these new specials...

"I can resist anything except $5 Burgers.."
"An entree that begins with a $1 tap beer is sure to develop into a real friendship."

But our brain is distracted (that burger looks awesome.)   Our new plan, swing into Wide Roast Cafe on a Monday, have a $5 Burger, and let Wide inspire us...

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