I know just what you are

Check out  this new still from Spearz's new music video Womanizer.  The band says the video will be released in February.

Coffee at LUSH


LUSH Food Bar, now open for Coffee

Click HERE to learn more

Lose Your Boy by the Golden Bubbles

Cute & Goofy hipsters.

Check out Local Band The Golden Bubbles's new video for Lose Your Boy

Super Bowl Events round town

The Super Bowl (ft Madonna) is Sunday.  Don't feel like hosting? Check out these Special  Super Bowl Events.



Since our creation, HOMOapolis has had over 40,000 page views.  

Our entire team wants to thank YOU for making us part of your life.  

Pedros Luggage Park?


RIP Pedros Luggage & Brief Case Center (Formally across the street from Camp.)  In its place will be a brand new city park.

Want to put your 2 cents into what the park should be like?  Click HERE and fill out the fast and free survey. 

fill your night with Wondor


Follow Alice down the rabbit hole to the Saloon

Febuary 25th 

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Beautifully by Jay Brannan


Jay Brannan from Beautifully music video
Out NYC Singer/Songwriter Jay Brannan (yes, that guy from Shortbus) has released his new music video Beautifully in support of his new album Rob Me Blind.  Check out the video after the jump.  

Did you want fries with that?

Guys with Fires
Oh, that Crazy Internet

a gift for...

Do you have an adorable twink in your life who suffers from Bear-Beard-Envy?


No, your facts are wrong.... #LGBTfacts

A new face on twitter is causing quite the ruckus. @lgbtfacts  has decided it is their job to fill twitter with hate and misinformation about US (you know, abhorrent homosexuals.) 

Camp Bar in St Paul

A relaxed atmosphere and a subtle self-awareness help this quietly popular St. Paul gay bar stand out. Flatscreens, artsy decor and comfortable couches give it an accessibly upscale atmosphere. -VoicePlace

Click HERE to become a fan 

St Paul City Council is against that Amendment

"The St. Paul City Council overwhelmingly approved a resolution Wednesday opposing an amendment on the Nov. 6 ballot that would ban same-sex marriage." - Rochelle Olson, Strib

Click HERE to read the full article over at the star tribune

A List: New York at Saloon

Get More: Video & Movies, Logo

If you love Logo's gay reality show "the A List: New York," make sure you save February 3rd in a special place.  Derek & Austin will be visiting the Saloon.

To learn more about the show (and watch episodes from season 2) Click HERE


Click HERE to check it out

Hopefully by now you've seen this trailer floating around.

What you might not know, is that this documentary isn't finished yet.
Filmmaker Ryan James Yezak is currently fundraising for the film.

Ryan James Yezak
"The idea for this documentary was born when I first learned that California's Proposition 8 had passed, defining marriage only between a man & woman in that state. I was angry & I wanted to do something about it. As time went by, I learned more & more about the inequalities that exist for gays, lesbians, & bisexuals in this country. I made a friend on YouTube who revealed to me that he would be expelled from his school if they found out he was gay. I did not believe him - in what kind of reality could something like that be true? It is true. Shortly after that, a string of natural disasters occurred & my boss asked me if I wanted to donate blood with her. I immediately got up to go with her & then stopped abruptly realizing that I couldn't donate blood. She did not believe me, nor did she understand why. I felt like a different species. I did not feel one with the human race in that moment. That was the moment it had a direct effect on me & my rights - that is when I decided to make this documentary." - Ryan James Yezak via Kickstarter

click HERE to learn more about the film

click HERE to help him fundraise on Kickstarter

Coffee at LUSH


CHECK IN on facebook at "LUSH CAFE coffee & espresso bar" on facebook from 8am-4pm
and get any espresso drink for $2

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Lay Your Cards Out

Local Music

Check out "Lay Your Cards Out,"  by local group Polica 

a taste of Harley's Lovesong

Harley Wood in his new Music Video

Wrecked Wheelhouse  (featuring the talented and sexy Harley Wood)  has released a sneak peek for their new video "Lovesong."

Click HERE to visit their facebook page and check it out. 


slipping down, MPLS now 7th Gayest

The folks over at the Advocate (who named us "Gayest City in America" last year) Has released their list for 2012.  We're # 7. 

Who is their new #1?  Salt Lake City  (Booooooo)

Quick Everyone go do something gay!

Full article HERE

First Look: Eli's East

Eli's East by Consolidated Photo

If you've driven past Harrison & E Hennepin, you've noticed the transformation of the corner to the NEW Eli's location. (Don't worry, this is a second location.  They're still keeping the downtown spot.)

Even though they arn't open yet, do you wanta see what the space looks like?

Check out our photos from Eli's East, shot by Consolidated Photo.



"Shit girls say" has exploded (over 9 million views.) If you don't know what we're talking about, click HERE to see it.

Got it now? OK! Good.

Now the gays are jumping on the trend with their own versions.

Check um out

Lunch @ LUSH


February 10, 2012 - February 18, 2012

"Inspired by our ground-breaking, sold-out 2009 production of The Naked I: Monologues From Beyond The Binary by transgender playwright, Tobias K. Davis, The Naked I: Wide Open is a brand new play made up of monologues and short scenes, featuring the talents of over 50 local transgender/gender non-conforming artists and allies. Fresh, sexy, humorous, gut-punching, and unbelievably honest stories that you don’t want to miss."

click HERE to learn more


DLP Spring rush schedule

Hey Gophers, interested in joining a gay frat?  Good News!  DLP has released their spring rush schedule.


We all know someone...

"Big drinks, friendly guys."

"Big drinks, friendly guys." - metromix.com

Late Night Happy Hour
2 for 1 rail and tap, Mondays-Thursdays, Midnight-close

Sugarbaker 2012


Mr January

Check out Mr January from the 2012 St Paul Firefighter Calendar

click HERE to bring him home with you (we mean order a calendar)

11 gayest things in 2011

2011 was awesome and GAYYYYY!   Here is our countdown of the 11 gayest things in the land of HOMOapolis in 2011. 


This Year...

Fresh Bakery Items, Espresso Drinks + More


Fresh Bakery Items, Espresso Drinks + More, now at LUSH


Click HERE to see LUSH's pics from NYE

Jetset Got all Sparkley for NYE 

Mix-ing it up at Le Meridien Chambers   

Dancing at Saloon

out with the NOW, in with the...Older

96.3 NOW (the KDWB clone that replaced b96) has switched again, welcome to k-twin radio. 96.3 NOW released a statement, explaining their new format.


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