Golden GRRRLS, Aliveness Project Fundraiser


Headliner Jackie Beat

The sidewalks of Downtown Mpls are about to get the work out of their life as 100 Drag queens (in gravity defying pumps) descend on the Epic event center for Golden GRRRLS on  Friday, June 3. 

This party will set a Guinness World Record for Most Drag Performers in a Single Performance. An Adjudicator from Guinness World Records will be on hand to validate this event.  (I think we'll be holding on to our crown as "gayest city in America,"  sorry San Fran) 

Poor Harold Camping

Harold Camping, the genius that predicted Saturday's rapture, should probably take some "time off" from the public eye.

Have a Takei old time


So its not about Mpls, but its too cute to not share

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Twin Cities named Healthiest & Fittest cities in the country

Time to dust off the mantle and make room for another trophy. The American College of Sports Medicine gave us the title of America's Healthiest & Fittest City!

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