Italian Gay Wedding Video

Ti sposerò - Gay Marriage from WEDDINGITALIA FILM on Vimeo.

Dj David B's Whitney Tribute


"When I first came out and went to the clubs, I was amazed by the music. When I met DJs Jon Brown, Danny Shaffer, John Herseth, Joel Dickenson, they introduced me to the dance music and remixes of Whitney Houston. I liked her before, but now I was in love. So many memories of the dance floor with the amazing sounds of Whitney. Thank you Jon, Danny, John, Joel and all the remixers and producers. Thank you Naughty Boy for the new mix... and THANK YOU WHITNEY HOUSTON. Rest In Peace... we will always love you." Dj David B via

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Lunch at LUSH


LUSH Food bar is now open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Giving you even more ways to Eat, Drink & be Lushious 

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Nothing But Love at JETSET-Whitney Tribute

Tuesday, Feb 14
115 N 1st St, Minneapolis

"We've got nothing but love for one of the greatest divas that's ever lived.

Spend Valentines day this year with us at Jetset. Celebrate the life and music of the Voice, Whitney Houston.

Featuring a special tribute from the "illusion that creates confusion..." MS. CEE CEE RUSSELL"

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Google put a gay couple in their v-day video! 

YAY for google!!
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