11 gayest things in 2011

2011 was awesome and GAYYYYY!   Here is our countdown of the 11 gayest things in the land of HOMOapolis in 2011. 

11: Saloon Video Bar
Photo By Coit Photography, Now at the Saloon
Gone are the photos of twinks with ties, replaced by moving, powerful (and gayyy) photography from Coit Photography. (PS, that bartender serving you is the Photographer.)  While you're enjoying the fabulous new art, you're probably listening to the new Nikki-Beyonce-Britney-Kylie-Gaga-Kesha-or-whoever music video.  Strong drinks, pop-diva music videos and Coit Photography make the Saloon Video Bar one of the Gayest things in 2011.

Click HERE to see more from Coit Photography  

10:  Mia Dorr 
More than just a lounge singer, Mia Dorr is a part of our Gay community.  She sings Barbra, Liza, Celene & Gaga with a sass and swagger any gay would love. (Yes, she takes requests during her shows.)   Her consistent gigs across the metro make it easy for you to join in the fun.  Notably,  she serenaded the crowd at Camp's DADT repeal party.    Mia's style and swagger maker her one of the Gayest things in 2011.

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9: Senses:2 
Art Installations at LUSH

This multimedia art show had: painting, photography, graphic design, live theater, short films, mixology, and live music (whew, that was a mouth full) from up-and-coming GLBTA artists at LUSH.  We were very proud to be a sponsor of this event!  Celebrating local gay artists makes Senses:2 one of the Gayest things in 2011.

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Taste from Rapid Water Media on Vimeo.

8: Miss TCGTSL

Watching buff athletes stumble across the stage in a pair of pumps, count us in!  The Gay Softball League (TCGTSL) sure knows how to put on a show.  Everyone's favorite pitchers & catchers (was that joke too cheep?) compete off the field in an epic drag show.  The winners (Unicorns) dressed as nuns and sang Sister Act & Judas (Lady Gaga would be proud.)   Watching hot men trade in their softball jersey for a flashy dress makes Miss TCGTSL one of the Gayest things in 2011.

Click HERE to see our photos from the event

7: Coffee
Cuppa Java on MySceneCity Magazine

How is coffee gay?  Welp, our beloved Wilde Roast Cafe upgraded to a new riverfront location,  Cuppa Java made a delicious cover on  MySceneCity Magazine and LUSH Food Bar expanded their offering by opening up early as a coffee shop & bakery.  All that makes Coffee one of the Gayest things in 2011.

6: Local Music
Neil Zumwalde
2011 saw more attention on our local GLBT music Scene.  Adam Carmichael burned up blogs with his risque video "Burn Down the Night" featuring the Gay 90's Ladies of La Femme.
ZibraZibra's Neil Zumwalde released a solo EP.  Matt Curney, Sean Ensign,  Sarah Cotner, Esera Tuaolo, and Harley Wood  all gave outstanding performances thought the year.  Sick of Sarah continued down their path of Wold Domination.  And Spearz, the local all male Britney Spears cover band, released a video that went to #1 on youtube in Vietnam.  Awesome GLBT musicians make Local Music one of the Gayest things in 2011

5:  Rocky Horror Picture Show
Craig Daniel Stastny at the Pride Parade

If you saw it, you know what we're talking about.  The entire cast did an amazing job of bringing this cult classic to the stage.  The singing was great, the costumes were crazy & the acting was awesome. (It was fun to see the playful side of Don Shelby too.)  All that (and those little gold shorts) helped make the Rocky Horror Picture Show one of the Gayest things in 2011. 

4: Big Gay Halloween Party

Take the gayest of all the holidays (sorry flag day) and add wigs, make-up and costumes that barely cover anything.  Lump all that together and you get the Big Gay Halloween Party, one of the Gayest things in 2011.

3: Wednesday

NO, not Christina Ricci's character in the Adams Family movies. We're talking about the day of the week.  How can a day of the week be gay?  Well, it seems like every gay bar has an outrageous drink special on Wednesday.  Dollar Drinks at the Townhouse and LUSH.  Progressive Wednesday at the Saloon.  $1 Beers (with the purchase of an entree) at Wilde Roast.  $3 Burgers till 10p then 2-4-1's after 10p at the  Eagle.  3-4-1's from 4p-6p at Camp.  For the homo on a budget, Wednesday is the cheapest day to grab a dinner, then hit the town.  Outrageous drink specials makes Wednesday one of the gayest things in 2011. 

2: Awards
Joel Koepsell at the Bartender Challenge

Oh Twin Cities, the rest of the USA sure does love us.

Joel Koepsell was declared the "Best Gay Bartender in America."  Minneapolis was named "Gayest city in America,"  the "Healthiest/Fittest City in America"  & the "Most Hipster City in America" (Didn't know there was an award for "Most Hipster" but we'll still take it)  The Twin Cities winning all those accolades makes Awards one of the gayest things in 2011. 

1: Pride

The parties, the concerts, the park and that parade.  What else could we pick as the the Gayest thing in 2011?

Cheers to our 11 gayest things in the land of HOMOapolis in 2011.  Can't wait to see what the 12 gayest things in 2012 are.
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