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Pics from Dixie Longate @ Camp


"I believe very strongly in marriage equality"

"I believe very strongly in marriage equality" Senator Al Franken  -Via

After seeing him in countless Twin City Pride Parades, its no surprise Senator Al Franken  gave an amazing interview to the Advocate.  Click HERE to ready it.  (Yes, he talks about both Bachmann & Elizabeth Taylor...who knew they would both come up in the same interview)

a drink to cool you down part1


Naked Knees (Stoli Peach Vodka and Moscato D’Asti) @ Kinsen 

It is hooooooooot out. In an effort to help you cool down, we here at HOMOapolis did two things.

First, we sacrificed four virgins to appease the heat spirits (boy were those hard to find.)

Second, we ran arround town looking for the most refreshing drinks we could find.
First up, the brand new Kinsen in uptown.

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