What do you Krave?

Scott Feldman & DJ David Knapp
The Krave Queer Shore is coming up on Friday, May 13th.  With all the drama surrounding the host Karma, we decided to sit down and get the facts, straight from the source.
DJ Shiek & Sailors @ Commando
Mo: Hey Scott, how are things going?

Scott: Awesome, the Queer Shore is next week and we couldn't be more excited.  We're flying in DJ Peter Presta, who's played major venues around the world and produced major mixes including "Proud" for Queer as Folk. We're excited he accepted our invitation to come to Minneapolis.

Mo: Is the party still happening at Karma Nightclub in the warehouse district?

Scott:  Yes, the whole staff at Karma is really excited to have us back for another Krave.

Mo:  Are you planning on keeping future Krave parties at Karma?

Scott: Yes, they love having us and are great hosts to the GLBT community.

Mo: How does Karma's recent troubles with the MPLS Police Dept. affect Krave or your decision to continue the partnership with Karma?

Scott:  Honestly, the local media have exaggerated the seriousness of the recently reported incidents at Karma.  It is unfortunate that two incidents happened in or near the club during such a short time frame, but they occurred at events promoted by other promoters at Karma and based on the reports I've read, the individuals involved knew each other. They were not random. Krave has a great crowd and we have never had any issues with violence at Krave events, which have been held at Karma since 2006.  We work with Karma's staff constantly to ensure a fun, safe and welcoming environment for our attendees.

Mo: Have you thought about hosting Krave at a gay bar?

Scott:  We had nearly 800 people join us for the last Krave (Commando).  The gays bars in the city do not have the space to host our event and part of the appeal of Krave is that it is a special night, different than just any old night out. The local bars already do a great job of producing nightly events that appeal to a wide range of tastes. We've found that Krave fit a niche that wasn't being served in the Twin Cities.

MO: Are you interested in hosting any events at local gay bars?
Krave Commando 

Scott: We're definitely interested in exploring all our options. We've recently rolled out "The Boys Present" brand as a way to produce more high end gay events in the Twin Cities. Other than Krave, we produce events like The Big Gay Pride Party and The Big Gay Halloween Party. We are planning other events with local partners around the 2011 Pride Festival that will be announced soon! We are continually looking to expand our list of partnerships and GLBT community-focused events. To that end, all options are on the table as long as they are in line with our vision.

MO: What happens if Karma Nightclub shuts down, either in response to the recent incidents or for any other reason?

Scott: We are confident that Karma will continue to be a great venue available to us. All good event planners have back up plans, but we'll cross that bridge if we need to.

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