Seduced by a Scandinavian Songstress (and Sia)

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Oh Land & Sia are coming to First Ave on July 21

Have you been "dancing on your own" like your "indestructable" and just want to say "be mine" to someone new? 

Meet Oh Land

From her First Ave bio "She is the product of extremes. A disciplined ballet dancer who was educated with the Royal Danish and Royal Swedish Ballet schools coupled with a “circus-like” upbringing courtesy of a family of creative souls. Their unique and individual talents have left deep imprints on how Oh Land experiences and interprets the world around her. Performance has always been a part of her personal expression as nurtured by the performances of those closest to her. Whether she was learning to see from a sister who designs clothing, to hear from her opera singer mother, or to touch from her church organist father; the mixture of this unique upbringing has contributed to the multi-faceted layers of an ever evolving Oh Land."

We've been obsessed with her ever since we saw her "Son of a Gun" Music video. (above) We think she'll put on a fun stage show too (look down)  

Headlining the evening is Sia!

"Since the late nineties, Australia-born Sia Furler has been singing with the likes of Massive Attack and Zero 7, but the blonde, blue-eyed, soulful jazz-style singer is on anything but a quest for fame. Sia rose to fame shortly after moving to the U.K., working steadily as a guest vocalist for several groups -- including the electronica duo Zero 7 -- while releasing her own solo albums. Sia released her first single, "Taken for Granted," in early 2000, which rose to number ten in the U.K. and increased European demand for her debut album, Hearing Is Difficult, which followed in 2001. Meanwhile, Sia began building an audience in America. The song "Breathe Me" from one of her solo releases Colour the Small On gained massive attention when it was used in an episode of the popular series Six Feet Under. The resulting buzz led to a successful stateside tour. By 2008, Sia's third solo release, Some People Have Real Problems, debuted at number 26 in the US. Sia even boosted her songwriting cred by writing several songs for Christina Aguilera's 2010 LP, Bionic. But Sia seemed to have saved the best of her writing skills for her fifth solo album, We Are Born (2010), her most uptempo effort to date." -VH1

"I'm in Here" is one of our favorite Sia songs. Its the perfect driving-arround-in-the-rain song (don't act like you don't know what that means)  We paired with it is her latest music video "You've Changed."

Love these artists, hope you do too.

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