Did you want fries with that?

Guys with Fires
Oh, that Crazy Internet

It is 2012, a time when EVERYONE has seen/sent/showed-their-friends/received the "cell phone in mirror picture." Even if you haven't seen an adult version (your lying, right?) of the "cell phone in mirror picture,"  everyone has at least seen a friend do the look-at-mah-new-hair-do "cell phone in mirror picture."    

But back to the adult ones,

As I'm sure you've seen, the internet has created a very NSFW collection of these "artistic" photos on a website called guyswithiphones.com  or  girlswithiphones.net (Remember we said NSFW). Just as the URL suggests, these sites contain collections of people (minus most of their clothing) doing a traditional "cell phone in mirror picture" with their iPhone.      

For the fun of it, guyswithfries.com has taken their favorite photos from guyswithiphones.com (sorry lady-luvn-ladies, not an equivalent for you yet) and photoshoped friench fries over their phone.

This tranforms the "cell phone in mirror picture" into a whole new level of high art. (ok, it doesn't.  But it is fun to see men, who probably haven't eaten fast food in YEARS, make a sexy pose with french fries)

Hope this site brings a smile to your face (we can't stop laughing.)
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