a drink to cool you down part1


Naked Knees (Stoli Peach Vodka and Moscato D’Asti) @ Kinsen 

It is hooooooooot out. In an effort to help you cool down, we here at HOMOapolis did two things.

First, we sacrificed four virgins to appease the heat spirits (boy were those hard to find.)

Second, we ran arround town looking for the most refreshing drinks we could find.
First up, the brand new Kinsen in uptown.

With its official grand opening earlier this week, Kinsen Noodles and Bar 's NAKED KNEES (pic above) totally hits the spot. 

comfortable modern decor

Uptown's newest Noodle bar is nestled between the Lagoon Theater (see their Monday special) and bar Abilene. 

don't worry dude, we're not stalking you.  Just showing people what Kinsen looks like

We hear classy people eat while they drink, so we ordered the  CURRY TRIANGLE. (Spring roll wrappers filled with stir fried onion, curry, and mashed yams fried crispy and served on a plate drizzled with homemade mango chutney.)    
Curry Triangle

Oh heeey Wednesday, whats that? Happy hour prices all day?  Count me in.  (Ladies, look at what you get after 10)

Noodle Night? I'm there!

So if the heat doesn't go away any time soon, at least know you can swing into Kinsen and have a NAKED KNEES.  (i'm sure there is a dirty joke in there, I'll let you make up one yourself)

those windows were closed, but they open right onto the street...we like that

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 and they say
"Kinsen Noodles and Bar serves fresh, flavorful dishes from all over Asia with a focus on the noodles that are a common element of the cuisine. We are committed to being a strong member of the Uptown community by providing our neighbors with healthy, socially responsible products from local producers. We are proud to be one of the only Asian restaurants in the Twin Cities to feature all-natural meats from regional farms." -via
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