get your gay on at the 2011 Fringe Festival


I Love You (We're F*#cked)

186 shows on 18 different stages make up the 2011 Fringe Festival. Never herd of the Fringe Festival (really!)? It is a Twin Cities celebration of underground theater.  

and they say,
"Minnesota Fringe is an annual performing arts festival in Minneapolis-St. Paul. For eleven days, over a thousand artists present works in every discipline and genre. No one selects the participating shows. Instead, a lottery determines which of nearly 400 applicants win production slots in the festival."

Here is a quick look at 3 of the Gay-themed shows for the 2011 Fringe  Festival.

Cedar Rapids Famous

"Andy J and his partner, Barney, have recently moved to Cedar Rapids from San Francisco. They made the move fully expecting to find the Midwestern town full of homophobes and hicks. But what they found was a community ready to not only accept the two gay men, but embrace the couple as the beginnings of Cedar Rapids first gay community. The citizenry takes this glowing acceptance to an absurd level and the two men are given their own TV show, radio program and they are paraded through the streets and cheered at every community festival."

Full info HERE 

I Love You (We're F*#cked)

"A hilarious mix of stand-up comedy, storytelling and music about a gay man looking backing over the greatest loves (and sex) of his life. "

Full info HERE

Son of a _____!

"A hilarious, tragic and heartwarming journey through one man's fragmented memories. This show redefines motherhood through live music, movement and the shared eccentricities of a mother and her artist son."

Full info HERE 

We'll fill you in as more details emerge. Till then, get ready for some theater.

PS the Fringe Festival is August 4th-14th
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