The Basilica Isn't going to like that....


The controversy around the Basilica Block Party gets even more interesting as one of the concerts performers, Michael Franti, speaks out in support of Gay Equality.

"To this end, we have committed to donating 10% of our show fee towards an organization that works to support marriage equality in Minnesota." - Michael Franti

WOAH!  What a cool guy.

"It is my wish to stand with the people of the community who support same sex marriage, all of those who support the Basilica's preservation and the great work that The Saint Vincent DePaul society has done for decades sheltering the homeless.  After speaking to many friends, fans, family and other artists about this issue, I feel that I can best make a difference by living up to my commitment to perform and to use my music and the stage that I have been given to speak out in support of same sex marriage. I encourage all in attendance (and those who are not) to get out and
vote against the anti-gay marriage amendment." -Michael Franti

read his full statement HERE

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