13 gayest things in 2013

Tickle Torture at Icehouse via 

2013 was filled with beautiful gay art, music, culture, politics and places. There were so many great things, we had a hard time narrowing it down to only 13.

Here is our annual countdown of the 13 gayest things in Mpls/St Paul in 2013.

13 Tickle Torture
Tickle Torture via
This funk musician really made some noise in 2013.  He is a mixture of Har Mar Superstar's showmanship the sexual energy of early Prince,  the grit of Nine Inch Nails and the insanity of the running of the bulls.

Tickle Torture's lyrics are unashamedly sexual, an energy he brings to his live shows.  When you go to his next show, (you should) you can expect microphone bondage, tights, strobe-light-underwear (yup), hipster back-up dancers, sparkly accessories, confetti cannons and one abused dear head.  We like to call his style Grunge Glam. (If you've seen his shows, you understand why.)

Thank you Tickle Torture for your aggressive sexual energy.  Your live performances made 2013 crazy and Gay!

12 Beards

Sign on Grindr, Manhunt, Hornet, Adam4Adam, or especially Scruff (obviously) &  Growlr (again, obviously)  and you'll find one of the gayest things in 2013...beards.  In highly sexualized imagery and advertisements, you are finding more and more beards.

Beards on bears, beards on gym bunnies, beards on business men and beards on hipsters. (That might make a good Dr Seuss book?)  Men finally don't have to scrape their face and body to the bone, they can let their natural beard grow. (but keep it trimmed fellas)

In no shave november, we saw quite a few men attempted beards.  You know what, they looked GOOD!  

Check out this Blog dedicated to Beards in the 612 

Thanks Beards, your natural beauty made 2013 gay!

11 Sugar at Jetset (Friday Night)

"Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii wanna dance with somebody"
If you find yourself sining Whitney's classic on a friday night in the shower, then head over to Jetset for Sugar. 

Dj's JR & PUNCHY play everything.
...hold on, rephrase that.
Everything you want to hear.

They always manage to play the song you want before you even know you want to hear it. They keep the dance floor fresh and fun, never knowing what they'll pull out next.  They play not only all your favorite hits, but new stuff you'll immediately love.

There is a reason the place is packed.
Stylish atmosphere + great drinks + epic music = Sugar at Jetset  

Thank you Sugar for making our Fridays super gay in 2013.

10 Masks:2 Photography Collection
Masks:2 at the Saloon via

Masks:2 Photography Collection saw the return of Red Card Production's art show to the Saloon.  With fallen superheroes (poor batman), peeling masks, Lucha Libre and a young woman's personal confession, Masks:2 was a bold statement from the Red Card Production artists.

It's always great to see the versatility of the Saloon. (To classy to make a joke here.)  The same space that has drag shows, go-go dancers and late night twerking was transformed into an art gallery.      

Thanks Masks:2 for showing gay art in a gay bar, making 2013 artistic and gay.

9 Tap Rooms
Indeed Tap Room via

Beer lovers rejoice! (We mean lovers of quality craft beer, not beer you'd find in the basement of some frat house.) The Twin Cities has always been home to great local beer (SurlyFulton & Summit  at the top of the list).

But now (thanks to the Surly Bill) small independent breweries have popped up around town. Dangerous Man, Indeed, 612 Brew, and Steel Toe  are filled with people looking to enjoy local craft beer.  2013 saw these establishments grow in both popularity and creativity.  They have become the go-to destinations for people who are interested in and appreciate quality local beer.    

Some cynics might whine "gays don't drink beer."  That statement is beyond ignorant. If you find yourself in that category, we dare you to head to a tap room and try it. You might be surprised how many homos you see sitting up to the bar and enjoying local beer.      

If you've never been, tap rooms can only sell the beer they create. You experience local beer in the most local of ways.  At Dangerous Man, they don't sell their beer to bars or liquor stores.  The only way to drink their creations in right there in the room it was brewed in.

Thank you Tap Rooms, your brewing artistry made 2013 delicious and gay.

8 Psycho Suzi's Summer Patio
Psycho Suzi's Patio via
Like a tiki adult disneyland, the riverfront patio at Psycho Suzi's is the place to visit during the summer. With 2nd story patio addition in early 2013, the extra 39 seats brought the new total to 374 seats on the patio.  (Yup, 374 seats on the patio.) Everyone knows them for their smoking volcano drinks, over-the-top tiki design and delicious late night pizza, but their PATIO is what landed them on our list.

There is something exotically enticing yet decidedly nordeast about sitting on their patio.  A combination that is hard to pull off, yet they do it with ease.

In addition to its style, the patio is dog friendly. Well, more than dog friendly, dog encouraged. You can bring your (leashed) dog anywhere on their massive patio.  Was he a good boy?  You'll find a doggie treat dispenser near the bar.  (they even had a puppy fashion show). Its great to find a place that lets our 4 legged friends hang out with us while we enjoy the sun.  

If we can't make a Polynesian GAYcation (gay vacation)  over the summer (no, we really can't) at least we can grab our friends and pretend to be on vacation onto your patio.

Psycho Suzi's Patio: the perfect place for a micro-gaycation in 2013.

7 The Manhattan

The Manhattan via

This classic cocktail (born in the 1870's) has fought its way back to the top.  With the end of the era of the Cosmo (bye, we never liked you anyway), the Manhattan is clamming its rightful place as drink of choice for the spirits connoisseur.   With establishments like Parlour, Marvel Bar, Eat Street Social, Prohibition,  La Velle Vie and Bradstreet Crafthouse leading the revolution for quality (not quantity) of drinks, the Manhattan claims its rightful place on the throne.

Our favorite Manhattan?
That would be from Eat Street Social.

Thank You Manhattan for bring style to our nights and making 2013 gay!

6 Freedom to Marry Bridge
Wabasha Street Bridge Rainbow Flags 
During "Freedom to Marry Week" (May 13-17) St Paul Mayor Chris Colman temporarily renamed the Wabasha Street Bridge the "Freedom to Marry Bridge."  Bright rainbow flags danced in the air (we were going to simply type "waved in the air," but it didn't seem gay enough) as visors came to view the historic bill signing.

Thank you Mayor Colman! The Freedom to Marry bridge is one of the Gayest things 2013!

5 L'Assassins
L'Assassins  original photo by Grinkie via
These pin-up styled beauties partied their rockabilly-tinged garage sound  all over in 2013. Not only did they play the coolest shows, the L'Assassins  rocked both the Uptown Pride Block Party and Pride in Concert at Loring Park.

 Great music, great style and the TALENT to back it up.  If you haven't, make sure you check out one of their shows!

We LOVE their music (and their great music videos)! We can't wait to see what they bring us next year. (More music videos please).

Thank You L'Assassns for making 2013 rock so hard and be so gay!

DJ MF via

What a great (and busy) year for DJ Multidimensional Fortitude.  In 2013, DJ MF created the hottest podcasts (the perfect gym companion) headlined at the Big Gay Pride Party, spun at the hottest clubs all over town and produced his own WERQ events.

It is interesting to note that his WERQ events were so popular that Britney Spears wrote a song about them.

Ok, that last part isn't true (but it should be). With his busy schedule, HE should be the one advising Brit Brit to work harder.

Please follow our advice:
if you see DJ MF is spinning, GO!

DJ MF, Thank You for making 2013 so awesome and so gay!
(now get to WERQ BXXCH)

3 Saloon's Pride Block Party
Saloon Block Party 2013 via
The Crown Jewel of this years pride was the Saloon's Ultimate Pride Block Party.  Their Pride Block party was always a must visit for everyone's pride celebration. This year, they raised the bar.

Their epic concert featured chart topping Karmin, acoustic singer/songwriter Eric Himan, nightlife tastemaker Dj David B,  former Viking  Esera Tuaolo & hip shakin' Poprocks.

The only way the block party could have been better is if Nick from Karmin would have given in to the chanting of the crowd.  (Really wish he would have)  

What an amazing way to celebrate Pride 2013! 

Thank You Saloon for throwing an Epic block party and making 2013 so gay!

2 R.T.'s Gay Marriage Tour
Mayor R.T. Rybak via

The Gay Community couldn't have had a more supportive mayor than R.T. Rybak.  He waved "Vote NO" posters as he walked through parades, proudly officiated the City's first same sex wedding and THEN  he WENT ON TOUR AND INVITED SAME SEX COUPLES TO MPLS TO GET MARRIED!

Yup, he became our great gay marriage ambassador.  Traveling the midwest and proclaiming how gayly wonderful and welcoming our town is.   What an awesome guy!  

Thank you for being an advocate for our community!
Thank you for celebrating with us on August 1st!
Thank You for Traveling throughout the midwest, bragging about how great (and gay) our town is!

We will miss you as our Mayor, we wish you nothing but the best!

Your gay marriage tour was one of the gayest things in 2013

1 Love is the Law

Love is the Law AP photo via

It felt like Pride came early as we witnessed history being made. Minnesota became the 12th state to legalize gay marriage. Approximately 6,000 people flooded the capital lawn for the historic event. Crying, cheering, flags, posters, love and pride filled the capitol. Not only was it a historic event, it was a beautiful moment for our community.

One day you can tell your grandchildren you REMEMBER a time when gay marriage was illegal in Minnesota (how archaic.)  

Thank you to Minnesotans United for All Families!

Thank you to all the volunteers, staffers, organizers, Senators, Representatives and Gov. Dayton for Making Love the Law.

A special thank you to Rep. Karen Clark and Sen. Scott Dibble!

There is our list of the 13 gayest things in 2013

13 Tickle Torture (the band not the fetish)

12 Beards (Woof)

11 Sugar at Jetset (get ready to dance)

10 Masks:2 Photography Collection (looks like those photo shoots were messy)

9 Tap Rooms (local craft beer is delicious)

8 Psycho Suzi's Summer Patio (it's cool in the fall too)

7 The Manhattan (drinking with style is in style)

6 Freedom to Marry Bridge (suck it Lowry Ave Bridge)

5 L'Assassins (rock out to rockabilly-tinged garage sound)

4 DJ MF (WERQ it out)

3 Saloon's Ultimate Pride Block Party (size does matter)

2 R.T.'s Gay Marriage Tour (our town is better than yours)

1 Love is the Law (living history)

Congratulations to everyone on the list.

We had super gay 2013!

We can't wait for all the wonderful gay things in 2014!

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