"Wilde" new Specials at Wilde Roast Cafe

Wilde Roast Cafe will be heating up this winter with their new Monday & Wednesday specials.

First up,

Monday is Burger Night: You can grab a chicken, beef, veggie or turkey burger for $5.  A high quality burger for cheaper than a fast food combo meal.  This special starts at 6:30pm and runs till close. 

Wednesday is Dollar Draft Beer Wednesdays:  Purchase an entree and you can get a Tap beer for just a buck.  This offer starts at 6:30pm and runs till close.

As always, check with the cafe to learn the details of the specials.

We're trying to imagine a sassy quote that Oscar Wilde might say about these new specials...

"I can resist anything except $5 Burgers.."
"An entree that begins with a $1 tap beer is sure to develop into a real friendship."

But our brain is distracted (that burger looks awesome.)   Our new plan, swing into Wide Roast Cafe on a Monday, have a $5 Burger, and let Wide inspire us...

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