Smitten Kitten wants to make you a youtube star


Smitten Kitten has come up with an  fun way to promote consensual boot-knocking.

From Facebook:

"This Pride season, Smitten Kitten is celebrating being proud and practicing consent. In honor of getting down with the consensual, we are throwing together a quick video for the weekend of pride. We would like to have as many of your thoughts and stories in it as possible, so we are asking friends and fans to submit short videos with your take on practicing consent and making it sexy. Take a moment to read through the instructions below and send a video our way. We would love to see it. We will be taking submissions until June14th.

- Step 1: Hop on your computer web cam/bust out your Flip camera and take a brief (no more than 3 minute) video of yourself answering these questions as best/creatively as you can:

-What's the sexiest thing someone has said or done to set a boundary with you during sex/on a date/in bed??

-What advice would you give people during pride this year...
1. for how to set boundaries they're comfortable with?
2. for how to respect other people's boundaries?
3. for how to practice good consent?
-Share a story about practicing good consent if you have it
-Sum up your video with “consent is sexy” if you like

- Step 2: Head on over to https://public.me.com/smitten.kitten and click on the little upward facing button at the top of the page. A new window will open up asking you to find the file you'd like to upload. Once you've found your video file (no need to worry about the video format) simply press the choose button and give your computer enough time to upload the file.

- Step 3: Wait for our awesome video to hit the streets later this month! And you should probably tell your friends how quick/painless/fun it was to help out your favorite sex shop. We really appreciate your help!

*Quick disclaimer: by uploading content to our public folder you are acknowledging that any or all of your video may be used for a promotional/non-commercial production that will be distributed/stream online for everyone and their grandmother to see.*"

Sound like a fun project, start filming guys!

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