Big Bitch on Top: Bitch Flowers hosts her anual Parade Viewing Party on Seven's Rooftop


BITCH 'n BRUNCH benefitting The Aliveness Project is returning to the rooftop of Seven for Bitch Flowers annual parade viewing party.
We kidnapped her and locked her in a poorly decorated room. Her only means of escape was to answer our interview questions.

Mo: For the 12 gay people in Minneapolis that haven't been to Bitch n brunch, how would you describe it to them?
Bitch Flowers: Probably the most important and all inclusive Pride Brunch for the Twin cities. We welcome and have had attendance of every one from the Straight with family support friends, Lesbian, and gay male community, To bi-transgender community. It's in it's fourth year and has already sold over 500 Brunch tickets. 
10$ of every Brunch ticket is donated to the Aliveness project. With every Brunch ticket you receive 1 mimosa and 1 Roxs vodka cocktail. With the 10$ ticket you receive 1 free cocktail. We have great entertainment during and after Parade, including DJ Shiek and Harley Wood. 
The viewing of the Parade is the best in town. Not only can you see it coming down Hennepin ave,  but also past. We will also be showing parade on all screens throughout sevens complex. Not to mention of course your Hostess Bitch Flowers (me) will be there.  Not one but 2 full brunch buffets stocked fresh until 12:30.  Brunch starts at 9:00. Great fun, music entertainment and fun people watching.
Our brunch buffet will remain available past 12:30
Also be sure to get your pics taken in photo booth with Bitch Flowers and your friends!

MO: If Bitch had her own float in the parade, what would you put on it

Bitch Flowers: I have always envisioned a float of " Some where over the Rainbow" A bit cliché... But I would be perched high above the rainbow, with hot boys and girls dressed in gold bikini bathing suits dancing as my "pot of gold." Dorthy would be dressed a bit like a street walker. Working the yellow brick road!
The great and mighty OZ would be her Pimp.
MO: Do you think you could get Harley Wood and DJ Shiek to wear golden bikinis to Bitch n Brunch?
Bitch Flowers:  Hello!!! They both are as Narcissistic as Bitch!!
MO: Birds of a Feather...
Bitch Flowers: Plus they would both look HOT in gold bikini's
MO: yeah, I'm picturing that in my head right now... I think you're right. Speaking of, what will you be wearing?

Bitch Flowers:.... all I'll say is think " Jungle Pussy!" she going to stay true to her Cougar status... except more " Leopard"!!!!
MO: Cool!

Bitch Flowers: it's a jungle out there baby

MO: We're so excited for your party.  Happy Pride!

Bitch Flowers: Happy Pride !!

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