I guess we should dance till the world ends, so saturday?

Brit Brit, don't worry, after Saturday you don't have to dance anymore
Not sure if you have heard, guys, but the homosexuals are partly responsible for the coming "end of the world"  this Saturday. Way to go, guys!!!!

Harold Camping, an 89 year-old suspected crazy person has spread the word of impending doom.
His credentials: he is a pastor and self proclaimed bible expert AND radio show host.

As a side note, in Sept 1994 he claimed the rapture was coming but clearly he was wrong. BUT, he swears he is right this time.

So...I guess we should bump up the Halloween party, right? According to Camping, internet and cell service will be obsolete this Saturday, so stay tuned to see if this blog will still be up come Sunday.

If Harold is wrong, that would make Britney Spears right. I guess she thinks you should have a sweaty dance party in the sewers and wait it out. 

 Or Harold is right and the world will end. This would make Beyonce some kind of overlord-dancing-princess with an army of angry lady-dancers.  (I guess)  

In an attempt to appease both Pop Princesses, I plan on hiding in a sweaty sewer, but I will play Beyonce music.  (She seems like the kind of overlord who demands you know the lyrics to all her songs)

best of luck

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