Art-A-Whirl is this weekend!


artwork by Andre Salvadore

Art-A-Whirl is the largest open studio and gallery tour in the United States. (Minnapolis wins again!!)

Ok, so what is it?   

Over 500 artists open their doors in NE Mpls and welcome art lovers (or art-one-night-standers) to explore their space and see/buy their art. 

You'll find most artists holding to the suggest schedule for Art-A-Whirl.

Friday: 5p to 10p
Saturday: Noon to 8p
Sunday: Noon to 8p

CLICK HERE to download your own copy of the Artist Map, or visit one of the Art-A-Whirl booths. 

You can find the Art-A-Whirl welcome booths at 

13th and Marshall  &  Quincy St. and Broadway NE

Grab a map + plot out your route. (some driving, some walking) 

Some stops on the map are mega-buildings, containing multiple artists: 

The California Building is a former grain mill turned studio building for 75 working artists.

The Northwestern Casket Company dates back to 1887, making it one of the oldest buildings in the twin cities. The building served as a casket factory until January of 2005.  It is now home to over 100 artists. 

The Northrup King Building (actually a complex of 10 buildings first constructed in 1917)  is home to over 190 artists.

We also recommend you check out some of the smaller galleries.

Tim Davis  (who had his photographs up at Wilde Roast Cafe for the last 5 months) is opening up his studio. 

Nicholas Harper's Rogue Buddha Gallery

They will be celebrating the 20-year career of sculptor and installation artist Michael Thomsen.

(yes they do taxes, but they also run an awesome gallery) 

For this Art-A-Whirl exhibit, Mark and Alyssa Fox asked artists to create two works each that expressed their perspective on the Oughts as a decade.

Art-A-Whirl is 3 days long, plenty of time to explore.  Go to one of the mega buildings (California Building, Casket Art Building, Northrup King Building) for an epic gathering of artists. Then relax with the boutique experience (Consolidated Photo, Rogue Buddha GalleryFox Tax Gallery) of one of the more intimate galleries. 

Click here for the official Art-A-Whirl site. 

Have fun!


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