Coit Photography


Local photographer Ryan Coit is a rising star. You might not know it, but you've already seen his work.
The pool room at LUSH, that was Ryan.  The new photos in the Saloon Video Bar, also Ryan.  What will he be doing next?  We had a quick Q & A with him at the Saloon, where he works as a bartender.

Mo: So Ryan, Is it weird to hear people talk about your photographs (in the video bar of the saloon) without knowing that your the one who made them?

Ryan: Ha, Yes a few times I have over heard people talking about the “new” photos in the Video bar. Its fantastic that John and Andy let me put up my work. I have only got great feedback so far. Some of the photos have other employees of The Saloon in them so that makes it fun. 

Mo: You're about to graduate from photography school. What is your master plan?

Ryan: My master plan is to have my own studio… someday. For right now I’m very excited to continue working with Red Card Production through the summer.

Mo: What is your favorite subject to shoot?

Ryan: My favorite thing to shoot is for sure people. I always try and capture moment in my photos, an emotion… a story. I enjoy photos that make you wonder what led up to that moment and what is about happen. 

Mo: If you could pick one music video to never have to watch at at work, what would it be?

Ryan: LOL… the video for Brandy “What about us” I hate that video! Ha

Mo: And if you could play one music video on loop during your shift?

Ryan: That is a tough question. Dustin Chaney is our VJ through out the weekend and he always plays great stuff. He is always introducing me to new music. So my fav video is always changing. Right now I’m always asking him to play “Nova” by Sounds of Arrows…. Amazing!!!! And of course I am a fan of Cazwell’s videos. 

Mo: What is your next project?

Ryan: Right now I’m working on a photo collection and short film for the Senses:2 show at Lush Pride week. Which I am super pumped about!
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