Adam would make a Great Gay Guru


Wouldn't it be awesome if gaytravel.com's next Gay Travel Guru was from the great gay land of Homoapolis, Minnesota!

Enter Adam DeLong,  He has made it all the way to the voting round of the online competition.   

With a smile that could warm up the coldest Minnesota Days, we think he would make the perfect Gay Travel Guru. 

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"Im a Minnesota native that’s ready to leave the Tundra and explore the world to see what a winter without snow is like! Growing up my mother worked for Northwest Airlines, so by the time I was 18 I had been to about half of the states in the U.S. I hope by the time I live the next half of my life, I’ll have visited the rest. At work my customers come from every walk of life, from the hottest band of the minute to suburbaners who are in town for the football game. I truly do love it because of the people that I meet on a daily basis. The scene changes by the minute and I have to think of my feet, while going with the flow. Qualities that I think are important for the Guru to posses. In my free time, I like writing in many different forms. I have notebooks with pages of both fictional and nonfictional stories, random journaling, and writing for my standup. On occasion I like to go to local comedy open mics, and have even competed in a couple competitions. I would be a perfect Guru! I’m ready to explore this world, trying any new experience that crosses my path. This is both a job, and a way to grow while becoming a new me. I would be ecstatic to not just put that to paper and film, but do it in a way that inspires you to go out, try something new, and discover the world."-Adam

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Good Luck Adam!
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