55 percent of Minnesotans will be obese by 2030

Fire up your ipod and head over for the gym.

The Trust for American's Heath and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation found that at the current rate, 
over half (55%) of Minnesotans will be Obese by 2030.

Overall,  Minnesota is the 36th most obese state.

Which State is Most Obese?  Why that would be Misssissippi.  35% of their current population is Obese.

The report doesn't go into details about how or why, they just did some magic math.

The report states:
By 2030, obesity-related health care costs in Minnesota could climb by 15.7 percent, which could be the 26th highest increase in the country. Nationally, nine states could see increases of more than 20 percent, with New Jersey on course to see the biggest increase at 34.5 percent. Sixteen states and Washington, D.C., could see increases between 15 percent and 20 percent.


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