Love for MPLS's Sick of Sarah

Sick of Sarah's Abisha

Sick of Sarah is performing a special home show at Lush Food Bar this Saturday, March 10.  We sat down with Colie Sawinski, (SoS's tour manager) to give us an insight into the band and their upcoming International tour. 

MO: Sick of Sarah is an incredible band with a huge following.  After your Saturday show at LUSH, the band has some amazing stuff lined up.   

Sawinski: Yeah we're doing SXSW, we leave on Monday (after the show), and this show (at LUSH) will serve as a fundraiser. 

MO: The band has received awesome national and international attention, making it hard to catch you locally.   Why don't you perform more local shows?

Sawinski: Our touring schedule is pretty crazy. In 2011, of the 12 months  we were home for about 3 1/2 of them.  We were travailing internationally in Canada and the UK, Vans Warped Tour, two headlining tours around the US and a co-headlining tour right before the end of the year.  We put allot of miles on our traveling vehicle, her name is solid gold & that bad baby needs some TLC. We put her through the ringer.    

MO: After SXSW your off to Europe?

Sawinski:Yes, We're doing a UK tour and all throughout the rest of Europe as well. Starting off in France then hitting L-Beach, which is a giant lesbian festival in Germany.  We're really excited to play that! Then, touring back down into London.  It will be a short 2 1/2 weeks but jam packed full of shows. 

MO: The Bands last album" 2205" came out in  November of 2010. Is Sick of Sarah recording any new material?

Sawinski: Yes we are!  It will be the band's 3rd album.  We are excited to push the sound further.  We're introducing a synthesizer and really pushing the sound deeper. On the Warped tour, which had over 80 bands, we were the only all female act on the tour.  People didn't call us out for being all female, they called us out for being a really great act. It was awesome recognition, we're excited to push the  envelope even further. 

MO: How would you describe a Sick of Sarah's sound to someone who had never been to one of the bands concerts before?

Sawinski: I would say its pop-rock, fun & energetic.  The live shows are something to see to believe.  We've got the spin moves on the guitar, the lead singing jumping off the the base dump, and the energy. Abisha is a fantastic front woman, she really engages the crowd and interacts with people. She gets people dancing, it really is amazing.  We have the most amazing fans, I love being part of this. 

A huge thanks to Colie for chatting with us!  Check out the Sick of Sarah girls this Saturday at LUSH.

Saturday, March 10, 2012
9:00pm - 12:00am



Patio, food, pool table, free parking, dance and more with Shannon Blowtorch playing your favorite tracks and requests the rest of the night!

A SPECIAL SATURDAY night for the ladies at Lush.

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