Karl Rove gets glitter bombed - “Feel the rainbow!”

image via advocate.com

Karl Rove & Erik Paulson,  two people who seriously don't understand equality, both got a face-full-of-glitter here in MN.  The conference was called the Minnesota Faith and Freedom Coalition.  (freedom? how about the freedom for us to marry....)

"The first glitter assault occurred as congressman Erik Paulsen was presented with a “Friend of the Family” award for his efforts to legalize antigay values. “You’re no friend to my family!” Michael Cahill said, as he unleashed the colorful dust.  Later, Bush staffer Karl Rove was doused at a book signing by Ben Egerman, who shouted “Feel the rainbow!” as he showered the former Deputy Chief of Staff with glitter." - Winston Gieseke, advocate

Click HERE to watch Paulson get a face full of glitter

Click HERE to see Rove get it

PS who thinks "you're no friend to my family" would look great on a protest poster

PSS, I can't wait for social conservatives to have their security do "glitter checks" on guests before speaking.  (What would Egerman & Cahill say?  "we're just totally into crafting")
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