"A girl & her gay" Episode #1: Patio adventures

So a friend an I enjoyed a day drinking adventure this week.  The weather was beautiful and our mouths were thirsty for devil's juice.  We made a plan to enjoy a cocktail at a downtown rooftop patio. This is how our adventures went . . .

First, we arrived at the beautiful Crave in downtown Minneapolis.  With elegant tiled walls encasing their entrance, we approached the host stand with wild dreams of cocktailing on their rooftop patio.  Our dreams were immediatly shattered when we were informed it was not open.  Psst...it was last weekend when our friends went there.  Not impressed Crave.  See ya.

Second, we attempted to go to Chambers.  Word on the street is that they have a beautiful and scenic garden patio.  Just as we were getting our hopes up, we peeked in the pearly gates and realized it was closed for a private business party.  Riff-raf like us would have to seek on for a thirst quenching beverage on a patio downtown.  Sigh!

view from Solera

Solera it would be!  We jaunted on over and entered the downstairs lobby.  The interior host was welcoming and ushered us to the elevator to the heavens.  The lights shone down and we finally made it.  We jumped up to the bar and the sexy bartender immediately greeted us.  Graham, the easy-on-the-eyes drink-slinging hottie was more than welcoming and treated us to a couple of bartender's choice sangrias.  They were sweet, smooth and perfect! The patio does not serve food quite yet since their kitchen is not up and running.  Solera's patio does
Solera's rooftop patio
not have a happy hour quite yet but they do  Wednesday night movie nights.  Graham promised they were working on some sort of drink special program and invited us back to check it out in the future.   Oh, we will, sexy man.  We will.  Wink!

Seven's beautiful variety of seating
view from Seven's rooftop

Our time at Solera came to an end and we pushed forward.  Seven would be our final stop.  We climbed the three story stairs and entered the roof top patio bar.  They were hopping!  The bar was full, the host stand was on a wait, and half the patio was reserved by business parties.  It was nice to be where the action was but it was disappointing that we felt under dressed. On the plus side, the decor was stunning!  A vast amount of potted flowers were everywhere.  There was a variety of seating that would fit anybody's taste: bar seating, high top seating, and couch seating.  After perusing the cocktail menu, we waited a short while for our drinks, because they were so busy.  Neither of us were incredibly impressed by the cocktails but they were taken down to tummy town none-the-less.  No alcohol abuse for this blogger.   Mental note for next time: dress to impress and make a reservation.

When it came to simple aesthetics Seven won hands down.  They were classy and beautiful.  Over all, we enjoyed Solera the best.  The service was friendly and we felt very comfortable there.  We felt appreciated and had fun while at Seven, it was a little busy for us.  Congrats to Graham and Solera.  We had an amazing time visiting your patio.  Thank you for everything!

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