LUSH to open Cafe + Bakery on Dec 27


LUSH Food Bar is expanding their hours and opening for Breakfast & Lunch.  We sat down with their owner for a quick chat about what this means for the NE  gay bar.

MO:  When I heard that Lush was going to open in the AM, I immediately imagined your Sunday Brunch, but 7 days a week.

LUSH: [Laughing] No, not at all.

MO: Ok, what will the vibe be like.

LUSH:  We want to open earlier with a cafe & bakery feel.  Fresh Bakery items that we make in house, as well as new breakfast items.  French Toast, crepes, scrambles and items like that.  We also have our new espresso machine, allowing us to make a huge assortment of drinks.

MO: Is it dine-in only, or will people be able to take their coffee to-go?

LUSH:  Both.  We want people to feel welcome to stay and enjoy their coffee too.  We're adding electrical outlets, so people can plug in their laptops and use our complimentary w-ifi.  We have plenty of space and want people to feel welcome to stay and read, work or whatever.

MO: Will there be hosts & servers?

LUSH: No,  we want poeople to feel welcome to sit and stay for as long as they want.  We don't want them to feel pressured to  eat quick and leave.  Just walk up to the counter and order from the barista. Your food will be delivered to your table.  That will be how it works for Breakfast and Lunch.  We will still have servers for dinner.

MO: How will this change LUSH as we know it know?

LUSH: It won't.  It is simply giving people the opportunity to join us for Breakfast, Lunch, or a cup of coffee 6 days a week. We are still closed on Monday. Our afternoon happy hour will still begin at 4pm when the  LUSH cafe element will turn into the LUSH Food Bar that you know.  We are simply giving you more ways to eat, drink, and be lushious.

MO: When does this start?

LUSH: Tuesday, December 27th at 8 am.

MO: We will see you then!
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