Have a Gay "Weekend" at the Uptown Theatre


"Weekend is a disarmingly delicate and daring drama set in Nottingham, England and featuring breakout performances by Tom Cullen and Chris New. After hanging out with his straight mates on a Friday night, Russell (Cullen) heads out to a gay club. Just before closing time he picks up an artist named Glen (New) and unexpectedly spends most of the next 48 hours with him in bedrooms and bars, telling stories and having sex. As they spend more time together, sharing snippets of their lives, they begin to reveal the things that hold them back as much as push them forward and develop a connection that will resonate throughout their lives. Weekend is an affecting and naturalistic romance, a beautiful exploration of how two people can come together only briefly, yet impact each other in a profound way. Winner of the Grand Jury Award for Outstanding International Dramatic Feature at the 2011 Outfest Film Festival and the Emerging Visions Audience Award for Best Film at the 2011 SXSW Film Festival. Written and directed by Andrew Haigh (Greek Pete)."  via Landmark Theatre

Weekend will run for one week only.  It opens Friday, Oct 21st with shows at (2:30 4:45) 7:10 9:30 at the Uptown Theater.

Check the theater's website for other days show times.

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