We "Touched" his "Parachute," Q & A with Matt Curney


Cover of Matt Curney's New Ep

Matt Curney is celebrating the release of his new Ep 'parachute' this Saturday during Lush's Birthday Block Party. Not only is he a talented solo artist, he is a proud member of SPEARZ (also performing). He took time out of his busy rehearsal schedule to talk to us.

MO: So Matt, your new album "Parachute" is a huge change from your last album. What caused you to dramatically redefine your sound ?

Curney: It happened organically the more I stepped out on my own as an artist. This EP was a chance to be completely myself, unhinged from school, from my own bands, and definitely from my family's expectations.

It's some of the most honest music I've ever written.
I had the chance to work with a new producer in Neil, and he helped me come into my own as I created the new sound of this record.

MO: How have your friends and family responded to your new sound ?

Curney:They love it. I've gotten more feedback on "Touched" than the two EP's I put out with my band.
My family has always been supportive of my music, but I didn't know how they would react to the music video. I was surprised to hear my dad say how proud he was of me for coming out in my music.

Dad's a priest after all

MO: How would you describe your sound on "parachute"

Curney:It's dance party magic. My music has always been about blending melody and drums in new ways. This new record is my chance to step away from acoustic instruments, and play with new digital sounds

MO: As a member of Spears, what have you found most surprising about that experience?

Curney:I don't think any of us saw it coming.
What I found most surprising was how much fun we were having. I would spend all day looking forward to rehearsals.
I think we got such a great response from the press because we kept it about having fun.

MO: what is next for you?

Curney:I'm working on a new music video for the "Parachute" title track. It's going to be epic. And dancy. One thing I'm excited about is a collaboration with Kyle Brylin. He's a very talented songwriter. Ah, and come September, get ready for a new Spearz video of game-changing proportions.

You Can see Matt Curney & the rest of SPEARZ this Saturday at LUSH Food Bar.  Show Starts at 7pm

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