Masquerade, Q & A with Neil Zumwalde


Mo: So Neil, you're set to release your new EP at HOMOapolis Live @ Lush's birthday block party, how would you describe your sound to someone who has never herd it before

Zumwalde: I start from a sound design meets songwriting point of view, where I integrate a lot of electronic noises in carefully placed nooks in the songs, which have a more concrete and dynamic song structure than similar electronic music. I am willing to use any and every object around me to make the sounds I want, and to modify it unrelentingly.

Mo: While still very young, you've been in the music industry for over 5 years. What is the most important lesson that experience has taught you?

Zumwalde: Don't take anything too seriously, because people ARE gonna rag on ya. If you're making music for any reason other than that you like to, you're doing it for the wrong reason. 

Mo: Your lead single "masquerade" is slower than what people are used to hearing from you, what caused you to lead with it?

Zumwalde: I wanted to give people a different idea of me. I also thought that although it was a much more laid back tune, it was still attention-grabbing enough to put some push behind it.

Mo: Musically, what is your biggest accomplishment?

Zumwalde:  Consistently growing musically, I feel like every new project is exploring another musical angle of what I can do, which is something that I take a lot of pride in. Also, I've had the opportunity to play for (and with) a lot of people, which I'm very grateful for.

Mo: As a member of SPEARZ, are you surprised by all the attention the band has received?
Zumwalde: Yes and No... I thought that people would like the idea, but I never expected to become cool IN Minneapolis. I thought we'd be a fun suburb band or something. I knew that we'd get some residual hits online from britney fans, but the sheer number of them, and the buzz and excitement is a little mind-numbing, however gratifying.

Mo: What is next for you?

Zumwalde: Masquerade and the EP I'm releasing on Aug. 27th are part of a bigger project that I will be inching toward completion in the near future.

Catch Neil Zumwalde & Spearz on Saturday Aug 27th at 7p @ LUSH Food Bar

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