Kleer as Krystal: Q n A with Krystal Kleer


 Having seen her preform before, I'm excited Krystal Kleer finally got her own show

MO: So Mattress, I hear you have big plans for pride

KK: YES...i will whore'n out my brand new stage production "GET OFF MY DRESS...love is a drag!" at the BITCH-n-BRUNCH at SEVEN this year on the second floor.

MO: What inspired you to make the show?

 KK: It's been about 20 years in the make'n...but only started write'n it about 4 years ago...it's "loosely" based on my life as seen thru my character Krystal Kleer...I was tired of live'n under everyone else's shadows...i FINALLY get my own dimly lit spotlight and break it down what live'n the low life in high heels is all about!

MO: What is the biggest difference between you and krystal kleer?

 KK:  the HUGEST difference is...as just me (Mattress Fever)...i'm very introverted and shy around most people...but as the unintentionally internationally unknown perform'n illusionist Krystal Kleer...I am a lot more in yer face...with no inhibitions...a lil dirty...a lil dainty...but all around completely delicious!

MO: Do you ever wish you were more like Krystal Kleer?

KK: no...i'm glad she comes out when she does...but I need my anonymity....I can't be everyone's lovable laydee in hair n heels as high as the heaven's 24/7...it would get a bit exhaust'n...(and I'd rather get exhausted in other "ways"...if ya know what I mean kitten...insert puuuuur here)

MO: If Krystal Kleer was a parade float, what would she be?

KK: hmmmm....she would probably be fly'n on the wings of a maxi pad or marinate'n herself in a bath tub full of jean nate after bath body splash and some bubbles :) 

MO: Whats the first thing Krystal Kleer will do when she takes over the world?

KK: The first thing...I...as the unintentionally internationally unknown perform'n illusionist would do is turn down the spf factor on the sun...(does wonders fer yer complexion)...save the world with one of my famous blue ribbon rhubarb pies... delete all that disagree with my train of thought...and outlaw stupidity! 

MO: When is your show again?

KK: It's JULY 15,21,22,28, and 29 at the Bryant Lake Bowl theater ...and remember kids...if I wanna get high..I'll add another inch to my heels

MO: See you there

Click HERE for advanced tickts

 $12 in advance / $15 day of show

Fridays July 15, 22 and 29 at 7:00 pm (6:00 doors)
Thursdays July 21 and 28 at 10:00 pm (9:30 doors)
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