Bitch Please, Q & A with Bitch Flowers

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 Bitch Flowers comes back to the Varsity Theater on Friday for her April Showers bring Bitch Flowers. 

The 4th annual  April Showers bring Bitch Flowers is stacking up to be her bitchiest yet.  Returning this year is the sassy Camille Collins, dirty Krystal Kleer and fantastic DJ Shiek.  

New to the mix are Lollycopter (designer Joan Vorderbruggen's brand of vintage and handmade, upcycled clothing and lingerie),  Emma Berg (MPLS style icon), Raul Osorio  (a major force in the MPLS fashion scene), and Ivan Idland (fabulous vintage inspired looks).

To close out the evening, Bitch invited Harley Wood (and his perfect abs) to perform a few numbers.

The Queen of the night is the Drop-dead-fabulous  Bitch Flowers. She took some time from her  busy schedule to answer a few quick questions.

Photo by printalmedia
Mo: What Inspires Bitch Flowers?

Bitch Flowers: The heart and soul of creative individuals. Bigger then life personalities. Always be true to who you are, and never let haters take away your focus!

Mo: When bitch has a moment to herself, what does she love to do?

Bitch Flowers: Touch herself. LOL!!!!! She is always trying to perfect her persona to please her fans. She loves to people watch and discover new talents!

Bitch Flowers: It's an event to bring back when the club scene was creative and always an event. The 70's 80's and early 90's ROCKED!... flowers always blossom after spring showers!
And I am one of them!!

Mo: What makes this Friday's event different from your past shows?

Harley Wood by Richard Yates Photography
Bitch Flowers: We are bringing in new talent. Local fashion designer's collections. Think FASHION ROCKS VH1. Rock band Harley wood, and Bitch Boutique to purchase fun fashions.
Mo:  What should we wear to the event?
Bitch Flowers:  Nothing LOL!!! be creative.... dress to impress! 
In my day we all dressed as we were the star of the eve. The 80's was all about narcissism. In a good way.
Mo:  We're so excited for your show. See you on Friday! 
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